The Trenches of SKC

Writer : Mark Murdick
Edited By : Jamie Varnell

The Trenches are independent supporters made up of the Doughboys and Poppies. We exist solely to support the Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club. We were established in 2012 by Mark and Thomas Murdick, two brothers with a the shared love of Kansas City and Sporting KC. While visiting the National World War I museum a week before the 2012 season, the two brothers were inspired by the grit and dedication of the men and women of the Great War. So when they stumbled upon the novelty ‘Brodie’ helmets at the museum store, they came up with the idea of painting them up with Sporting Blue for the first match of the season. The Doughboys caught on from day one as many other supporters who share the same passion wanted to join in. Later in the 2012 season, the brothers came up with a name for our now 20 plus members, “The Trenches of SKC.”
The name Trenches was inspired of course by the trench warfare style of combat during the Great War. Since that day, the Trenches have become a family, with every member having integral roles, from game-day and watch party operations to charity work. Today, The Trenches members consists of active duty military, veterans, and hard working women and men of this fine city. The Doughboys and Poppies of the Trenches bring passion and dedication to every match in support of the club as well as encouragement to others.

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